Here you can find an extensive list of people who are happily satisfied with our exceptional services and love our friendly staff. Please feel free to look through the pictures and see what real accident-recovery work looks like.

Ratings from Yelp (www.yelp.com)

Olivia C.
Make sure you go to this shop for any and all automotive repairs. Words can't begin to express how great everyone at this shop is. My car was taken care of above and beyond what I expected. From the owner to the front desk ladies they really do care! They were the best part of the whole car accident experience I had. Thank you all!!!
Aileen F.
Someone hit my parked park. I was so lucky to have been recommended to QA. The staff is friendly, kind, and helpful. The service is wonderful. Hiten is so helpful and nice. The results are AMAZING!!! My car looks brand new and it is a 2006. I would definitely recommend QA. I appreciate everything they did to help me. I am very satisfied.
Thank you so much. I appreciate it!!!!
G. A.
So happy to have found this shop! Great work, service and really felt like they were on my side! Thank you!
Neil C.
I've been taking my many different cars I've had over the years to this place and have always had great work and service done. They are efficient and take care of your needs. The owner is real and doesn't BS anyone. All of his employees are nice and friendly. I have recommended my friends to QA and will keep doing so. Thanks guys for the great work and service.
Ashley C.
The staff was beyond kind & incredibly helpful! I just needed a small alteration to a car part & they helped me within minutes. I was in and out of there within 20 mins! I would recommend them any day!
Aly S.
It is unfortunate to be rear-ended in your brand new car, a car that is so new you had never filled the gas tank or put the permanent plates on yet. That is why I was about to begin this second review with "Unfortunately I had to come back to Quality Assured".... To be honest though, it really wasn't an unfortunate situation in the end and that is 100% due to the people at Quality Assured Collision Center.

My story is actually kind of long, so I don't want to go into every single detail or this review would be a novel. Lets just say that these people went ABOVE and beyond what I think is the normal expectation for an auto body shop. I was given advice that was so genuine, just because these people are decent human beings, not because of any other reason. They helped me so much when I was in a bad situation and never made me feel lesser for it. I was given one of the lady's cell phone numbers so I could still reach her when I had to go out of town. I truly feel like these are good people and I would refer anyone to them! The nature of their business is such that I hope I don't have to see them TOO often :) but seriously... if you are reading this and you need work done to your car whether it was your fault or someone else's, COME HERE. What makes these people special is their service. Incredible.
Gary C.
Had some inconsiderate person dent my one-year-old car with their door in a parking lot. Juan was great, start to finish. He asked staff to remove the other person's paint and buff the area (5 minutes, no charge, I tipped of course), and hooked me up with a mobile paintless dent removal service, which worked out great. The only thing Juan asked in return was that I think of them when I actually do need paint & body work. Guaranteed!
Yessika C.
Amazing customer service and very caring! Did amazing work on my car. Definitely recommend this place.
Tim B.
My was rear ended while I was at a complete stop at the fwy. Looking for body shop is not easy. I used Yelp to guide me and finally I made my choice to have Quality Assured fix my car. It was a good choice!! Marianne, Irene and of course, HiTen the owner are really friendly, professional and helpful. They took care of issues with the other insurance company and they helped me with car rental too. When the car was ready, it's washed and everything looks good. I'm a very happy customer and recommend this body shop.
Thank you Quality Assured Collision Center!!
David E.
Someone hit my parked car near the rear bumper and I was looking to get it repaired through my insurance (so cost wasn't an issue). I was looking for the best quality and service in the local area being relatively new to Long Beach. I went to 3 body shops and took a chance and ended up going with QA Collision.

Turns out I made an excellent decision. The owner, Hi-Ten, was very friendly and attentive. He gave me a detailed break down of my repairs. You can tell he is very passionate about auto repairs and takes great pride in his work. He and his staff provided me with great service and made the whole process easy and painless.

When my repair was done I was happy with the quality and the great service they provided. From the owner to the entire rest of the team, service was top notch.

As their name suggests they focus on quality.

PS...Hi-Ten has some really cool cars, as an auto enthusiast. If you're lucky he may even tell you about some of the stories behind them.
Kristine V.
Very nice staff. I got a great deal from them. I called all around Long Beach and their quote was much more logical. On top of it all they washed my car for free!
Kaytie C.
We just took our car in here again after a fender bender...The car was not drivable and They sent a tow truck out to us, arranging everything with absolutely no hassle!

But, the best part about our experience was when our insurance company tried to deny covering part of the damage they claimed was not due to the reported collision... the owner at Quality Assured personally advocated for us with the insurance company and helped us know how to appropriately advocate for ourselves! Long story short, everything was covered and our car came back to us looking perfect!!!

Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Sebastian A.
Hiten and his crew are amazing! They offered me a ride home once I left my car and when I got my car back it looked as if nothing happened. Definitely recommend them if your looking for excellent work done!
Mikael C.
My vehicle was hit while it was parked on the side of PCH. Insurance company deemed it a total loss, I was bummed, got my check, that made me feel a little better. But after taking it to Quality Assured Collision Center, I couldn't feel more relieved and thankful.

Hiten and his team took care of everything and now my ride is looking better than ever. I would recommend Quality Assured Collision Center to everyone I know and anyone who needs their vehicle worked on. Thanks again Hiten and the rest of the team at QACC!
Laura M.
Great service and very good quality! Was given an estimated quote of $250 and other more expensive options for this big dent on my car bumper. I decided to go with the cheapest option, which was to fix the old one. When I got the car back, the bumper looked great! I could not see the previous damage at all unless I look really really closely! Also, it cost me only $150!

Overall, their service and quality of the work done is simply awesome.
I highly recommend this place to anyone!
Armaan S.
Awesome guys here! It's extremely difficult finding an auto place where you can trust the guys to be helpful, quick and professional. I'll definitely be coming back here for my little Honda!
Christian J.
This is the second time coming back to QA due to a collision and countless times to get different parts painted. Having said that,I highly recommend this shop. They are very professional and Hiten definitely takes care of his customers. After the first repairs, it looked brand new again and he even cleaned the inside for me!. Hiten answered all the questions and made sure that everything was per my standards. Girls at the front desk are very efficient and love the updates that they gave me through out. Second time, my work truck. Again flawless service.
Ivan G.
Excellent customer service! I am extremely satisfied with the quality work they did to my car. I definitely recommend coming to these guys for any body work on your car. They made sure I left happy and even gave me a courtesy call a few days after to check up on me.
Karmine T.
The people were really nice, friendly, and attentive. Great customer service! Thanks for all the help!
Brenda O.
They did a great job on my truck and everyone there was very nice and polite. I would never go anywhere else.
Charmaine J.
I needed to repair both the front and the rear bumpers due to damage caused by two different occasions (one wasn't my fault). I went straight from work hoping to get an estimate half an hour before they closed. Thankfully, Hiten was more than happy to assist me and made the paperwork process quick and easy. They even e-mailed my estimate to me. $50 off with a Yelp check-in by the way!

Within the next week, I let them know that I decided to repair both bumpers all at once at QA, and Hiten took a little bit more off the total price! Now, this became the cheapest option out of the 4.

Splitting the cost between me and the one responsible for my rear bumper (with discounts to both of us) was no problem at the office when I dropped off my car.

The results look amazing! My car looks like new, and you can't even tell that the front bumper made impact with a tow-hitch or that it had all these scrapes from not JDM angling enough. The rear looks flawless; no more license plate mark and no more visible damages from having to park on the street.

Everyone I encountered here was very friendly, even if they were just passing by. If anyone I know needs any body repairs, I'll be sure to recommend QA!
Steverino Y.
I had a minor problem with my 2012 Hyundai Elantra. The right rear fender had come loose where it attaches to the bumper.

I yelped up Quality Assured Collision Center and the reviews were generally very good.
Shortly after they opened I called. The front office staff was very professional and said I could bring it by to have it looked it over by a technician.

When I arrived the shop was very busy, but Juan the service manager got me in, quickly diagnosed the problem, made a temporary fix, wrote an estimate, and had the car washed in about 30 minutes! I was back on the road and smiling.

Customer satisfaction doesn't get any better than that. Congratulations you won a customer today!
Brenda S.
They took care of me. When another shop was trying to rip us off, they came through with the repairs and it was under the estimate. They even washed my car. I highly recommend it.
Bree J.
Due to an unfortunate event, I got a huge dent on the driver side of my car. I didn't know what to do, so I called Quality Assured Collision and asked if they could help me with some body repair. They told me that I could bring my car in right away. I pulled up, filled out some simple paperwork and they gave me an estimate right away! They even explained what to expect when I called my insurance company and guided me through the whole process. They also worked with my insurance by emailing photos so we could get the work approved and started on right away. Now I have my car back, good as new! I'm so glad I took my car here because now I know if I have any collision repair needs in the future, I'll know where to go!
Tracy N.
This shop gets 5 stars for both value and service. Sam and the other workers here are incredibly honest. They give reasonable prices and even better service. Sam was very communicative with us about our car that was beat up pretty badly. It got fixed as good as new in a short amount of time, and we couldn't be happier with the level of customer service and quality of work from Quality Assured Collision Center! We recommend them to everyone we know, and they are definitely our go-to guys for auto repair.
Blake D.
I took my VW to QA Collision after I got hit on the freeway. Since I didn't have the other driver's insurance info on hand, they gave me a free loaner car while they worked on my car. (CHP lagged in submitting the report)

The staff is super friendly and easy to talk to, and they always treated me with respect. While my car was getting fixed, they would call me to give me updates.

They returned my car to me pretty quickly, all things considered, and my car looks and runs great.

I would highly recommend Quality Assured Collision Center to any one of my family and friends.
Mark V.
I took my Mazda in for some body work. The bumper and grill needed to be replaced in addition to the hood needing repair. Went in for the free estimate which took about 10 minutes. The price I ended up paying(decided to pay out of pocket instead of going thru insurance) was much less then I thought it would be. I was told I could bring the car in on a Monday morning and have it ready for pickup Friday morning.

Dropped my car off the following Monday morning, and received the call Friday afternoon(just like I was told stating the car). Looked brand new, also gave it a nice car wash.

Highly recommended.
Laura O.
I was involved in a car accident and my car suffered damages. Quality Assured did a great job with the repairs and I am very satisfied with the level of Customer Service received.
Luis E.
This place did an Amazing Job on my Z4. Even had it washed and wax upon pickup & LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Can't beat that. Highly recomended!
Alice T.
This is the only place that I will take my car. Hiten makes sure that you get the best results. He is hands on with your insurance company and will go the extra mile to make sure that they don't take advantage of you. If you are looking for someone to repair your car don't think twice and come to QACC!!
Trish T
I was really taken care of in every way possible! I had gotten into an accident and had my bumper, hood, and fender replaced. I picked it up in a week and was amazed on how great my car looked! He also took care of finding a rental car for me and took care of getting someone to pick me up from the shop and for someone to pick it up after picking up my car. He made all of my stress and worries go away and replaced it with great service, great care, and quality craftsmanship!

I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND FOR YOU TO COME HERE!!! I appreciate everything they did and I am very satisfied!

He gave me a great deal- SOOOO much lower than all the other quotes I had! You will never feel like you were being scammed. EASY IN- EASY OUT! Will definitely come back in the future and if you need help ASAP- call them right away :D The staff will be ready to assist you in every way they can!
Joanne O.
Great customer service. They took car of my car and even detailed it. I am apprecitive and greatly satisfied with the work they did.
L. Nguyen
Where to start... Since there are countless great things about this place.

-the staffs are exceptionally friendly and patient.
-the management is very caring and magnanimous.
-they are always eager to answer any questions you have in mind.
-they always make sure customers walk out happily.
-above all, they are super kind allowing student-org utilize their resources for fundraisers.

I've recommended this place for a few friends for auto needs. All of them gave excellent feedback about this place. A girlfriend of mine dropped of her car for fixing. While she was waiting for the bus to get home, the owner was kind enough to offer a ride. Also, the owner helped my friend with her insurance issues as well. Another friend also came and praised for its high quality service.

All in all, there aren't not enough words for me to compliment this place. Just come and experience for yourself!!
Justin L.
This place is amazing. They are so accommodating and very helpful. The shop is ran by tremendous professionals that blew my mind when I went their last. I recommend them for any automotive needs.
Kaytie C.
Love this place! Hiten was extremely helpful and easy to get hold of, ask questions and work with. He worked hard to get us the best deal, and I never felt like I was being scammed, which we all know is the norm with car repair! We had our Acura TSX repairs. Needed the hood and grill replaced and it looks amazing!!! Will definitely be taking all my cars here for work!
Charlotte B.
This is the most Amazing body shop I know I will ever come in contact with-They all helped me out even when I was out of a job-they worked with me until the very day I came to pick up my car!!! God could not have sent me to a better place!!! I thank u all with all m heart!! And customer service is Awesome!!! The true definition of how a business should be!!!!!! I'm forever Greatful!!! Blessings to all of u!!!
Chris E.
I brought my 2012 e 550 in for front end damage. I was very happy with the customer service and quality of the work. Also I was very happy that I did not have to go get a rental car. They had a car ready for me.
Gina R.
I took my car to Quality Assured in April and they did a wonderful job. Last week, I went to use my car and the battery was dead, Immediately I called Hiten and he came to my home along with another person. They started my car and then took it to the shop to charge the battery. The car is fine now. I have to mention that I am a female and this is the only place I trust with my car as we all know that mechanics overcharge females. Hiten charged my battery and kept my car a couple of days to make sure it would start and he did not charge me anything. This business has great service and they are honest.
Kate H.
I will ABSOLUTELY go back here anytime we need a car repair. The manager is so easy to work with- went above and beyond making sure the service was done correctly and for the most affordable price. It's so refreshing to go to a car place and not feel taken advantage of- thank you!!
Jenny S.
They have GREAT customer service.

I had been here before, so when my Mini Cooper was hit, it was a no brainer. They made everything so easy! I called to let them know I was towing it to their shop, and they emailed me paperwork to fill out and email back so I didn't have to make a special trip. They also dealt with my insurance company which was nice.

To top it off, when my car was finished and I didn't have a ride to pick it up, they arranged to have it delivered to my home...... that's above and beyond! Their work was very nice, I couldn't even tell where I had been hit?

I would definitely recommend Quality Assured!
Hiten and his team did an amazing job! I was in a car accident and my car was almost totaled. They sent out a tow truck to get my car from my house and dealt with my insurance for me. The car was badly damaged so it took almost a month for it to get fixed. I didn't have rental car on my insurance so they gave me a loaner to use for a whole month. When I got my car back it was like a brand new car! They are all very professional and friendly. I'm very inpatient so I kept calling and they were so nice and explained to me exactly what was going on with my car without getting frustrated. Thank you so much!
Gina R.
I was in a horrific accident where I was rear-ended by a semi-truck. I was looking for a body shop in Long Beach and I read all the reviews here so I felt very comfortable taking my car here.

Everyone working there is pleasant to work with and they keep you informed as to the status of your car. This is the best customer service I have ever experienced. They even gave me a loaner car while my car was in the shop.

They did an excellent job with my car and they also fixed some mechanical issues I had. I will take my car back there for maintenance. They are great. Also, they are honest and fair and they try to get you the lowest possible prices available.

I would recommend this body shop to everyone. No need to look further.
Julie L.
Quality Assured completed a paint and body job to the right passenger side of my Prius in 2 and a half days! When I went to pick up my car, it was parked right out front waiting for me and looking brand new. I was impressed with the quality of their work and the turn around time and would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.
April R.
Quality work, honest , affordable, & super pleasant. If you are looking for an auto body shop, auto repair or auto maintenance shop look no further!! I have friends that have been going to this shop for years and they referred me a while ago. I took my Mercedes in for maintenance and their prices were great compared to the dealership and they did a fine job. My son was recently involved in a fender bender and because his car is a 1990 Toyota Cressida our car insurance provider decided to pay us off for the car instead of paying for repair. The engine had not been harmed and since the car had been very reliable we decided to buy it back from our insurance company and get it fixed at Quality Assured Collision Center. They did an excellent job in repairing the damage and finding all the old hard to find parts!! Car runs better than ever, looks great and we're happy campers. In addition to the great service the staff is super nice to deal with which really makes a difference when you're having to deal with car issues that are never welcome. I highly recommend this place!!
Samantha G.
Honest and GREAT prices.
Josh D.
I've been going here for years, and the owner is always very personable and lets me know what's up with my car. my previous vehicle was in bad shape. i got rear-ended and it totally smashed the back of my 03 VW Jetta. they got it fixed very quickly, ordering the parts and constantly keeping me up dated on her progress. she was up and running like new.

They're honest and fair. i once had an engine problem and they took a look at it and referred me elsewhere, as my engine was a specialty diesel and they sent me somewhere that was able to do a thorough job.

Also great customer service. they were friendly, and dropped me off at my house n picked me up when my car was ready.
Mike F.
I had an issue with my bumper, not sure if it was a new issue or just something that came loose over a few months but I called QACC and they said they'd fix it. I took it in and as always they were super friendly and fixed it right away - no charge. I love this place. I thinking about wrecking my wife's car just because they are so friendly and professional.
Darshan G.
I took in my black Honda Accord because the hood and roof had sun damage. The team was able to complete the work on time, within budget and my car looked brand new. Thank you so much! I would recommend Quality Assured to all my friends.
Michael F.
These guys are great. I came for some body work on the front of my car, and they took care of me. Got the repairs done within the time frame they set and just under the price they quoted. Even took me back to my house and picked me up when the job was done. The wash and detailing helped too. Not looking forward to having to go back to a body shop anytime soon, but if I do, I know who I'm going with.
Michael L.
"I took my crunched Nissan Altima here after it was hit by a delivery truck in a parking lot. There are three things that I particularly liked about my experience with this company: 1) The car looks as good as new 2) They charged me exactly what they quoted 3) The work was completed in two days.

Compared to other experiences I've had, this is about as good as it gets."
Dahiana C.
"This shop is great! The staff is very friendly and they treat their clients with respect and honesty (they didn't try to rip me off because I'm a woman like other places do). They fixed my car door in 24 hours! I was really impressed that they could do such an outstanding job in one day and their customer service exceeded my expectations."
Tony X.
Helped us out with all aspects of the insurance claim. They dealt with the insurance company, arranged the rental, and did a great job on our Volvo S40. Completed on time, no complaints, highly recommended.
Bill T.
Ok not only did I need to have them fix my car once and do a great job but when I caused a second problem they fixed it again. I would suggest everyone get their car made better than new at Quality Assured Collision Center. You have the right in California to pick your own auto repair shop you don't have to go to where your insurance company sends you -take it here and get it done right the 1st time
Avi S.
Had two very good experiences with this body shop. Staff is professional and honest. The owner personally made sure our vehicle was taken care of. Even though I live in the OC, I would go back here every time. They made my car look brand new again!
Vanessa H.
"I live in south Orange County now, but when my driver's side visor stopped staying up in my Camry, I took it to QACC right away. Some repairs can wait a few months, but a visor that falls down to about a -45° angle and stays there is REALLY irritating.

Neither Hiten nor Rocky, who I've worked with in the past, were there this past Saturday morning, but I was helped by a nice guy who said he could do the job for me for about $50 less than what the dealership had quoted me. It was a small fix, and $50 was a good size savings compared to the overall cost, and I left happy.

Best of all, he sent someone to get the replacement visor and I was out the door in about 20 minutes. I wish all repairs were that easy!"
on 5/12/2011
Yuri L.
I just came back from Quality Assured Collision Center with a super wonderful experience.

Amazingly reasonable price for what they do in quickest time possible! I have never seen/received any invoice with such a low amount anywhere else ever for my BMW!... so I was stunned. Even for a dumbest little repair work, you would expect to break your wallet elsewhere, but it was not the case here.

They are honest, friendly, hardworking business; and I feel very lucky to have such a business in the city of Long Beach where I live.

Needless to say, I'm very happy & grateful. I would certainly bring family cars here and recommend QACC to everyone going forward!! Thank you very much!
on 1/18/2011
Curtis K.
I had a wonderful experience at QACC. My beloved car was in a bad collision, and I was afraid that it might be totaled. When I told them how much I loved my car, they did whatever they could to keep the cost of the repair down so that it wouldn't total out. They also gave me a FREE loaner car for the 2 weeks it took to repair mine. That's right - a free car for 2 weeks!!

When I picked up the car it was in wonderful shape, as though the accident never happened. But the story gets better...

A month later my car started overheating. I checked the repair invoice and noticed that they had replaced the radiator, so I took it back into them to check it out. They discovered a small leak in the radiator, and replaced it in a few hours - no charge. They also bought me lunch while I waited (a delicious turkey sandwich).

I will never go anywhere else for body work, and I will send anyone I know with my full recommendation to this wonderful business!

Thank you QACC! :)
on 2/23/2011
Harvard Y.
Had a great experience here... the staff is friendly and extremely accommodating! I got some paint work done, but they were also able to help me take care of some major mechanical issues so I was very pleased to get everything done with one visit.

They went above and beyond to make sure I had a rental. Cheers to the management and staff!
on 3/2/2011
I had a minor vendor-bender to my new Range Rover and didn't want to pay dealer prices to get it fixed. But I wanted the same or better quality workmanship done to make my car look like new. My insurance agent referred me to Quality Assured. I've always had a bad stigma for auto repair shops but the team at Quality Assured sure earned my trust. They got my Range Rover looking and functioning back like when it was brand new. Additionally, the overall experience felt like I was at the Four Seasons, as their entire team was genuinely friendly and took great care of me.

I hands down recommend Quality Assured.
on 8/2/2008
by L N.
HIGHLY recommended- Hiten, the owner, is honest and friendly and gave me an incredible deal and incredible service. I had to pay out of pocket for a major bruise on my car from a year ago. I went around to several places for estimates, and QACC gave me a quote that was almost $3000 less than what the other places gave me. WHA!!! Hiten explained exactly what he would do- they didn't need to replace the panel that the other shops were planning on replacing. The other places seemed to be swindling me and tacking things on to make the price as high as possible- Hiten is honest and gave me a fair price. The service was QUICK- a few days and my car was in PERFECT condition- plus oiled AND detailed! WOW. WOW. WOW.
on 02/28/2009
Elaine G.
I give this place 1 less star ONLY because I wasn't able to get estimates anywhere and am not sure about how the price compares...however, despite that, I would still HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place as their service was excellent and their work was spectacular. I scratched my roommate's car on a pole on the back rear door and when I brought it in, the person that helped me was very helpful and knowledgeable, and also willing to negotiate. Not only did they offer to pick me up and drop me off ANYWHERE, but the person that drove me was very nice, and didn't even let me tip him! I was worried that you would still be able to see the scratches, or even minor changes, but when I picked it up 2 days later, the door not only looked amazing, but it was flawless. The paint matched perfectly (despite the car being almost 8 years old), and you could not even tell anything had been done. I would definitely go back to them again...but hopefully won't have to anytime soon!

Ratings from Yahoo Locals (www.local.yahoo.com)

When something BAD happens to your car, it is never a good time ! This place made it so much better. They were more then helpful super friendly and they did an AMAZING job on my car. I was SOOOO happy with everything they did, and I would and have recommended them to friends . I will take my car back to them if I ever have another problem . I hope I don't but if I do my car will go to them again. Thanks to all of you !!! You Guys ROCK !!!!!
on 12/21/2010
Quality Assured was recommended to me after my car was in an accident. Due to recent surgery, I was unable to drive, but they took care of EVERYTHING, I was very impressed by the customer service--they even delivered my car back to me at my house, amazing! I could not have asked for more during a difficult time for me. The repairs were carried out quickly and with great results. It's nice to see that there are still such professional services available. Thank you Quality Assured!
on 08/04/2010
Nice friendly staff. I usually hate having to deal with car repair shops, but the people at Quality Assured worked with my insurance company and got my car back on the road in no time.
on 04/19/2010
Generally I don't make reviews, but from what I've experienced with this shop I thought it would be a big help to share it to everyone who is looking for a good reliable shop. I took my 2004 civic to QA for repair. Bumper got replaced and painted, very good on mixing paint to match the existing paint, my whole car was buffed out. Did an oil change and changed my brakes! and after that I took my 95 chevy 1500 truck for oil change and get my brakes change! Its a one stop shop! Overall the quality of work is outstanding, very reasonable and im very happy! They have lifetime warranty too! I would definitely recommend QA to everyone :)
on 08/03/2007
by trojan03alum
Saved My Day!!: My car was in a hit and run at a time when the LAST thing I needed was to spend money on my car. I went to a handful of body shops before walking into the QACC office after seeing the reviews on this site. I met the shop owner, who was friendly, knowledgeable, and completely understanding of my situation. He worked with my insurance company and was able to get me a great deal not only on the repairs resulting from the collision, but later worked on some prior damage as well! Consider this your referral if you need body work...these guys are the best!
on 09/16/2008
by Local Yahoo User
Very nice shop. friendly and courteous staff who worked with my insurance company and handled the clam from A to Z. All I had to do is to drop of the car and pick it up when it was beautifully finished. Plus they gave me a discount. They also have a rental car service inside their shop. If you are looking for a body shop in Long Beach area you must check Quality Assured out.
on 02/23/2009
by Drea
The staff at this shop is soooo helpful. Rocky and Hiten are the best! They provide drop off and pick up service for collision repair and auto repair. What more could a busy working professional want! I trust their judgment and the quality of the work is flawless.

Ratings from Citysearch (http://losangeles.citysearch.com)

on 8/04/10
Honest repair shop - Was referred to this place by a friend who had work done here also. The staff is friendly. And the work they did on my car is great. It is a pretty big body shop, so the turnaround was relatively fast. I am used to body shops taking longer than what they actually quote you. But QA got my car back right on time. I would recommend this place to others.
on 12/29/10
Stephen Nollner
On a scale of 1 to 10...an 11! Very good work! Quality Assured Collision on Long Beach Blvd.

I had the pleasure of taking my SUV to Quality Collision in Long Beach on a Monday morning. The car was promised to be finished by Friday evening. Just some

minor repairs but time consuming. I didn't pick up the car on Friday. They finished it sooner, Thursday. On a scale of one to ten, the car was eleven. Very rare to have a personable owner AND have excellent work. I was rather surprised as it was my first visit to the shop but it will certainly not be my last. Quick, very good work, and a very competitive price. My neighbor referred me.

I have already referred three of my neighbors to them.

You don't refer your neighbors unless you are quite confident of the workmanship. Thank you again, Q A C,

I am very satisfied with your work.
on 08/03/2007
by nostalgia88
Outstanding Body Shop. My car was in a hit-and-run at a time when the LAST thing I needed was to spend money on my car. I went to a handful of body shops before walking into the QACC office after seeing the reviews on some local websites. I met the shop owner, who was friendly, knowledgeable, and completely understanding of my situation. He worked with my insurance company and was able to get me a great deal not only on the repairs resulting from the collision, but later worked on some prior damage as well! Consider this your referral if you need body work...these guys are the best!
2525 E Anaheim St Long Beach CA 90804
Phone: (562) 599-0766