Production Line

Getting into an accident is never a good experience. We specialize in getting our customers and their vehicles back on the road quickly and with minimal inconvenience.

QA Collision Order of Operations:

QACC Office Team

Office Team/Management

Where you will receive help regarding estimates, prices on parts and direction as to what needs to be done to fix your vehicle.

Staff & Personnel

Body Work Long Beach CABody Work

Highly experienced staff with 60 years of combined experience… We only use the highest quality materials…

Services Equipment

Paint PreperationPaint Preparations

Prepare the car for paint by laying down paper as masking and tape to create a clear and professional finish without stray paint or overspray. Sanding and priming the car is done then the car moves on.

Equipment & Paint Department Info

Paint RoomPaint Room

Computerized Color Matching; We use a PPG paint system that uses the latest computerized color matching technology to ensure a perfect color match every time. Our enclosed downdraft spray booth assures that the finish is applied in an environment free of dust and contaminants.

Equipment & Paint Department Info


We have one of the best Detailer in Southern California with a clean record of turning out mint cars.

Services Equipment

2525 E Anaheim St Long Beach CA 90804
Phone: (562) 599-0766