How to Get the Most Mileage From a Gallon of Gas

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Get the Most From a Gallon of GasWith gas prices hovering around $4.50 a gallon, everybody is feeling the pain. Driving is a necessity for most of us in California. So what can one do to get the most out of their dollar when it comes to driving more efficiently?

Here are some tips which all of us can follow to get most out of a gallon of gas.

1.  Take it easy with the gas pedal. Take those lead weights off from the bottom of your feet. Accelerating too fast means you are working your engine harder and it will burn more fuel.

2.  Keep it under 80 mph. All cars have different optimal speed for achieving best fuel mileage, but in general, anything over 65mph will result in diminishing fuel mileage.

3.  Trim the Fat. I don’t mean go to the gym and lose some weight (even though that might help), I mean get rid of excess weight in your car. Get rid of those books, cases of water, or anything else which you don’t need. More weight your car carries, less fuel mileage it gets.

4.  Choose a more efficient vehicle. This one is tough for car “nuts” like me, because driving a more fuel efficient car usually means driving a slow boring car. But if you want to get serious about saving money on fuel, you need to change your perception. Drive the fast and fun car once a week, and drive the slow and boring car rest of the time. This way you will enjoy and appreciate your fun car more while saving money.

5.  Consolidate your driving. Plan a route out before leaving your house to run errands. Use a GPS Navigation so you don’t get lost and drive around unnecessarily. Try to walk or take a bike to the grocery store. Not only this is good for you health, you will also save gas. Did you know that modern cars are most inefficient when they are driven cold and driven for short, stop and go distances.

6.  Keep your car tuned up. Get those “Check Engine” lights checked out and fixed. Don’t forget to change the air filter every 6 months.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the tips! I know I need to work on one and two for sure.

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