How do you know your car needs a repaint?

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We get a lot of customers who come in to get a quote to repaint their vehicle, and more than half of the time, the vehicle doesn’t need a repaint. It’s unfortunate when a customer does not need a repaint of the whole vehicle, and they get suckered into a cheaper quality paint job by a shop. Basically they are taking the good quality paint which is on there and covering it up with a lower grade paint job.

You see, people don’t realize that the original paint from the manufacturer is a very good quality paint, and is suppose to last the life of the car. The key here is how well it’s taken care of ? Lot of times, the paint has never seen a layer of wax for years, and it just oxidizes from the sun. Because all factory paint jobs come with a layer of clear coat, this oxidization can be easily sanded and buffed out, and the car would like brand new.

How many times you have seen a car with the hood or the roof all faded and peeling? This can only happen for two reasons, one is that the car is constantly parked in the sun over the years and the clear coat has deteriorated or the panel which is peeling was repainted before with inferior clear coat. Most times, the single individual panel or panels can be repainted and the rest of the car can be buffed out to match the new paint. This would cost a fraction of a complete paint job (good paint job).

Finally if you do need a complete paint job, we have a couple of options. One is a paint job which starts at about $1200 for a car, and it is guaranteed for 5 years. Another one is a lifetime warranty paint job which starts at $2000 which compares with a factory quality paint job. Most people wont be able to tell the difference between them, but it is all in the lifespan of the materials. So why go to one of those 1/2 day paint places where you will spend $800 on a job which wont last more than a year. I know it’s an old cliche’s, but “You always get what you pay for”

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