Communication is Key

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Communication is the most important thing in any kind of relationship. It could be personal or professional. Most relationships fail because lack of communication. When it comes to the repair process after a collision, I believe communication is more important than even the quality of repairs.

I just got of the phone with a customer who was so upset with her insurance company, because they never answer her calls, and don’t return messages. She also was upset with the rental car company because they started charging her credit card for the car rental once the insurance company stopped paying. They never gave her a courtesy call informing her. These are the types of issues which cause consumers to have a bad taste in their mouth and possibly not do business with them again. Do a search for a business on Yelp, or pissed consumers or any other review sites, and most customers who have negative feedback are because of poor communication.

So next time you guys are dealing with a person or a company, notice how they are in communicating with you, but Remember, communication is a two way street, and it takes two to communicate. So do your part and keep notice of theirs.

5 Responses to Communication is Key

  1. Hiten Adhvaryu says:

    Thank you for taking time to read it.

  2. Dmitriy says:

    Wait. So if the rental company started charging the lady’s card then she must’ve given her credit card information to the rental company. Moreover, the rental company had to tell the lady why do they need her credit card info. If not then the lady should’ve asked for an explanation why do they need it. It sounds like the lady was taking out her anger on the rental company.

  3. Iphone 5 says:

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  4. Marina says:

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  5. Thx for this great information that you are sharing with us!!!

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